standard Can Software Be Your Family’s Internet Guardian Angel?

With all the problems that kids can get into online you need a way to keep up with them as a parent.

PC Tattletale makes this a snap but there are other ways to do it.  Here is a neat new commer called Halo.  They plug into your home wifi device and let you see what your kids are doing online.

PC Tattletale lets you watch their activities from anywhere even when you are at work or on a business trip but Halo can also be good for monitoroing things like their iPhone.

You can check it out here:


MONITORING what the children are getting up to on the internet is a nightmare for parents.

Especially if they have more than one child and the house is full of laptops, games consoles, tablets and mobile phones all capable of connecting to the net.

Now a Romsey firm, originally called Wedge-IT, has come up with a solution which will give parents peace of mind and ensure children are protected from the worst of the world wide web.

HomeHalo is new device which plugs into your home WiFi router and can be controlled using a simple smartphone App, available for iPhone and Android.

The HomeHalo, which has been two years in development, allows the parents to set different parameters of internet usage for different members of the family and control the length of time youngsters can stay on line.

It is the brainchild of father and IT expert, Chris Gray: HomeHalo is the only product of its kind about to go on the market mixing a unique combination of technologies.

Our research shows us that parents are extremely concerned at what their children may have access to online, but are not able to easily put satisfactory limiting measures in place to manage the issue. We have worked hard to ensure that all the technical knowhow has already been included, so parents dont need to be tech-savvy.



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