standard 5 Tips for monitoring your employee’s social media activities

With everything that employees do on social media every company needs to be concerened.  The big problem is that your employees could be sharing confidential information on sites like Facebook.

Here is a great article that talks about how you can go about watching them.  

Of course you can always use software like PC Tattletale to see exactly how they are working all day.

This article appeared in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  You can read some it here:


As social media continues to grow in popularity and use, companies are increasingly turning to social media to obtain valuable information about job applicants and to monitor the activities of their employees.

Gone are the days when companies could freely “snoop” through social media pages to glean otherwise undisclosed information about applicants and employees. But so are the days when companies could turn a blind eye to their employees’ social media activities.

Now, companies must be vigilant about ensuring that employees are not disclosing confidential or proprietary information through social media, or using it to harass other employees or engage in otherwise unlawful conduct. At the same time, companies must also be sure not to invade any privacy concerns that may exist on the part of employees. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report reveals that more than 30 percent of global survey respondents would be “happy” for their employers to have access to their personal data. Despite the trend towards monitoring employees’ social media activities, such monitoring may raise a host of risks for employers.

This article discusses some of the best practices for the lawful monitoring of employees’ social media activities and tips for balancing the company’s legitimate business interests with competing privacy interests of individuals who engage in social media activity. The laws relating to social media are in a constant state of flux and development, so companies should always ensure that they keep track of local and state laws and consult with counsel before making any employment decisions based upon social media.


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