standard How Jealous Lovers Can Buy NSA-Like Monitoring Software Dirt Cheap

Spying on people’s computer is nothing really knew.  Not at least to use over here at PC Tattletale.  We have been doing it for over 10 years!

Here is a great article I found that shows just how easy it is to put software like PC Tattletale on your cell phone.

Then use it to secretly monitor your spouse.  Sneaky stuff.  Do not get caught!

You can read the article here:


Imagine this happy occasion. On his girlfriends birthday a man announces he has a special gift. She unwraps the box to find a sleek new Android phone. She throws her arms around him and lands a warm kiss for his kindness.

Unbeknownst to the woman however, from that moment on the phone records everything that happens on the device and sends the details to a remote website. Every call is recorded, every keystroke logged, every email seen, every SMS SMS chat or photograph monitored. Whenever the boyfriend wants, he logs online and reviews the trove of information.

This is not some dystopian nightmare. Its possible right now using commercially available software from mSpy, which cheerily advises potential buyers: And they wont find out.

Starting today, the company is also selling phones preloaded with the software, making it simple for users without any tech savvy to start surveillance right out of the box. The phone package is available with the HTC HTC One, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s, at varying cost; for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $300; the subscription for the preloaded software costs another $199 for a year. I tried a test version of the iPhone. Although it took some time for some of the data to arrive to the website, it had uncannily accurate location data, and was able to pinpoint my movements to exact buildings on a university campus.

Location tracking of an mSpy equipped cell phone (Courtesy of mSpy)

The phones proclaimed target markets are employers and parents who have the legal authority to watch what their children do on their smart phones. Company founder Andrei Shimanovich knows others may use his products in illegal ways, but says it is not his responsibility.


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