standard How To Know If your child is being cyberbullied

If your kids are online then they have different things to learn than maybe your or I (parents).  These days Cyberbullying is more popular than ever.  I personally think it is because of the nature of people “hiding behind their keyboards”.  But in any case Cyberbullying is something you should take seriously.

Here is a great article that talks about how to see if this is happening to your child:


With a mission to stamp out cyber bullies, a bunch of crusaders at ‘Beat The Cyber Bully’ are working tirelessly to raise awareness and help parents in the UAE understand the real threat and combat it head-on.

The stats gathered by recorded that a staggering 80 per cent of young people said it was easier to hide online bullying from their parents because of no real physical signs.

“As you would imagine it’s harder to hide a black eye or a scratched face because the evidence is there to see,” said Barry Lee Cummings, chief awareness officer at Beat The Cyber Bully.

It’s parents, he insisted, who hold the key to ensuring such cases of abuse are tackled and don’t go undetected.

He understands that for many parents, the Internet is an alien concept.

“We, as in over 30s, are still learning about platforms and technology available to us. For our children and their children, they are and will be digital natives.”

It’s this divide between the real world and digital world that concerns and worries most parent, said Barry.

The situation, however, can be tackled through education.

“We’ve chalked out an exclusive session called ‘Keeping up with your kid online’ specifically to deal with this issue.”


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