standard Is Your Child a Cyberbully?

It is very important to monitor what your child is doing online. Cyberbullying can have lasting consequences on kids. PC Tattletale is an excellent tool you can use to monitor the sites your kids visit as well as any discourse they may have. This is a great article talking about cyberbullying and some bad things that can happen and what parents can do about it.

Cyberbullying is bullying that uses cell phones or the Internet to send or post harassing and reputation-damaging information, according to the national Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. It is not a one-time thing, but a repeated intentional act.

“It causes suicide, depression and kids just plain having a hard time in school,” Funkhouser said. “People don’t realize their words can destroy someone’s life. Bullying generally is a cowardly thing because they are putting someone else down to make themselves feel better. But doing it online is even more cowardly.”

“Most of these things happen outside of school hours and at home on students’ own devices,” Sukta said. “Schools can only take steps to discipline students if the content in an email or on a social media page directly threatens the safety of the school environment overall or students while they are at school.”

Some parents say they fear their intervention could cause retribution and more bullying for their kids. Regardless, they should report all instances of cyberbullying to schools and to authorities, school officials said.

“We all need to work together,” Koziol said. “We rely heavily on parents because they can access their child’s computer where we can’t.”

Parents also must be proactive in learning the technology their children use and monitoring it often, Bowman said.



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