standard Tips for parents with mobile connected kids

Do you kids have their own iPod or tablet?  If so then you probably want to keep up on what they are doing online.  Here at PC Tattletale we cover what they do on the home computer.  But here are some good tips for when they are out of the house and using their mobile device:


Many kids today have access to massive amounts of information through technology. With iPods, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, they can look up anything within a matter of seconds. While that can be a great part of modern-day living, it also poses the risk that children and teenagers can come across information they shouldnt, purchase things that go on their parents bill or download games meant for someone older.

How are parents supposed to let their kids connect using technology, while also keeping an eye on how kids are using devices that can be taken anywhere? Being mobile is both the advantage and disadvantage of things like smartphones and tablets. Parents might find it more difficult to keep track of what their children look at, who they talk to and what theyre doing when much of it can be done away from home.

Fortunately, despite the portability of mobile devices, there are new ways to track how these devices are being used. Parents can restrict access in a variety of ways. Apps can show parents what is being texted or what sites are visited, and built-in restrictions can stop kids from downloading apps or buying things within an app without permission. Parents can also buy devices that are kid friendly from the beginning.

Setting guidelines and creating ways to limit or monitor your kids mobile time is a good way to use parental controls on mobile. However, there is little substitute for sharing screen time with your kids. Watch their show or play a game with them when possible. This time together provides the perfect opening to talk with kids about why certain things are okay for some ages or families, while they may not be okay for others.


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