standard Internet Monitoring Through Social Media

here is a great article I found on internet monitoring.  Actually it wasn’t really about Internet monitoring per say.  It is about how everything we do online now is automatically tracked.  They talk about how it is easy to get caught up in little lies because of all the tracking that is going on.

Of course you can use PC Tattletale to monitoring all of their computer usage but this is a different take on it:



Sensors in the fridge might show my daughter that I actually don’t always eat breakfast, even though I tell her it’s the most important meal of the day. From her perspective, I can see when her light is on past her bedtime thanks to a connected light switch or even what music she’s listening to on her Sonos. While some of these examples involve me inviting social media into the equation, by choosing the share data with friends, others are just a function of having connected devices on my home network that my family can see.

So while my colleague Mathew Ingram spent a decade monitoring his teenage daughters online, I have the opportunity to go beyond keystroke logging to understanding what she’s playing with, where she and her friends go in our home and how she drives the car. I’ll even know what she’s listening to.

Today my husband teases me about my Katy Perry obsession (Roar is a very catchy song), but will we giggle when he catches me in a lie about completing a workout while he took my daughter to the playground? These are all scenarios I think the smart home will enable, and I’m truly curious how consumers will react. Even the 52 percent that are nonplussed by the NSA’s spying.

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