standard Internet Safety Photo Goes Viral

Talk about a great demonstration of how fast things can get out of control for kids.  There is an old saying… “once the toothpaste it out of the tube…” I think you know the rest.  Well this experiment proves it.


Check out how fast their test photo went viral.  Kinda of scary to think if this was something bad about a student.


Check it out here:


Updated: Wednesday, November 27 2013, 10:22 AM CSTA fifth grade teacher is doing something a little bit different to teach her students about Internet safety.The photo posted online November 18 reads, “I’m talking to  my fifth grade students about Internet safety and how quickly a photo can be seen by lots of people. If you are reading this, please click ‘like.’ Thanks. :)”It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, possibly millions by now. And with those shares no doubt comes remakes, or photoshop versions of the original.CLICK HERE to see some of those remakes.INTERNET SAFETY TEACHING TIPSFBI Kids Safety Safety TipsBasic Internet Safety from NetSmartz WorkshopWebonauts Internet Academy from PBSCommom Sense Media: Internet Safety Tips for Elementary School KidsPhoto Goes Viral in Internet Safety Course


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