standard Top 4 Russian Mobile Carriers Agree On Parent Controls For Web Content

If you ever thought about getting parental controls for your iPhone or Android phone now you can.  Well at least if you live in Russia.  It looks like their top four carriers are adding web control parental controls soon.  Now if we can just get the ones in the United States to do the same.  Enjoy:


Four Russian federal telecommunications operators – VimpelCom (Beeline brand), MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) and Rostelecom have acceded to the agreement on the voluntary informing the Internet users about parental control systems, the Federation Council upper house of parliament said in a press release.

“The agreement has been supported by all the “big four” operators that provide services to a total of more than 100 million subscribers,” the release says. All the operators that have signed the agreement are developing the “parental control” services that make it possible by software-based methods to filter Internet content that is not suitable for children.

The Federation Council on September 12 published on its website the agreement “On the voluntary informing the Internet users about parental control systems.” It suggests that the parties to the agreement are ready to support initiatives to ensure children’s safety on the Internet in terms of the development of measures to inform people about the benefits and opportunities of using the parental control systems and installing filters that block the unsuitable content.


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