standard Teenages as Parents.

Why are so many teens getting pregnant nowadays? Well, it’s not difficult to figure out. Everywhere you look, in the media, in the movies, even on TV, sex is everywhere.

Sex is natural and it’s part of being a human being but a person should be old enough to know what sex is, what comes about as a product of having sex and the person should be mentally ready for sex.

This just isn’t the case with most teenagers. So if you have a teen, make sure you sit them down and talk to them about sex before you yourself have a parenting teenager.

What should tell your teen about birthcontrol if you know or suspect that they are having sex?

Tell them to always use a condom if they are going to have sex. As a parent, you probably don’t want your teen having sex but the truth is that statistics say that they’re going to do it if they get the chance.

No matter how much you watch over them or teach them the right things, sex is a reality for teenagers with raging hormones, so you should at least teach them how to have sex responsibly. Even if your teenager is a female, teach her never to rely on the man to provide a condom. By always being prepared, she can hopefully keep from being a parenting teenager.

Is Your Teen Ready?

The best way to prevent your teen from being a parent teenager is to ask them if they’re ready to have a child. Ask them if they’re ready to have many sleepless nights that will be spent getting up to feed their baby. Ask them if they’re ready to put off going out with their friends because they have to stay home with their baby.

Have them watch the TV show, “The Baby Borrowers” on ABC. That will give them a new perspective!

When they associate sex with having children, as it should be, they will be less likely to take that plunge when they know what could result.

It all comes down to good parenting on your part. As long as you teach your teen the right ways to behave, the right things to do, and to always be careful, you can hopefully prevent your teen from becoming a parenting teenager. Just remember to have that talk with them before it’s too late. If you put it off too long, before you know it, you’ll be raising two children: your teen and their little one.