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Here is a good article I was reading about if your kids should have a cell phone or not.  The article brings up some good points.

They mention that even if you kid gets a cell phone you should still install Computer and Internet monitoring software on your computer.  And who do they recommend?

You guessed it….. PC Tattletale…

Here’s a clip from the article: Enjoy..




Estes advises parents to start small and go slowly when it comes to cellphones.

“Kids don’t need a smartphone right away,” she said. “What they need is a communication tool to reach you in case of emergency.”

Rules of the road Of course, most kids want a smartphone from the get-go. If you decide to go this route for your middle-school child, Roberts recommends the following security measures:

1) Install monitoring software on the home computers the child will be using. PC-based software called I Am Big Brother lets you secretly monitor all incoming and outgoing emails, instant messages, chats, websites and more. Once the product is downloaded and installed, it is totally hidden and only you can access it.

Products of this sort are sometimes referred to as parental-control software and can be downloaded from the Internet. Other popular brands include Family Cyber Alert and PC Tattletale.

2) Advanced Parental Control is another piece of parental-control software, but one which does a bit more than just eavesdrop on communications. It also lets parents restrict Internet use to certain time periods and schedules and monitors keystrokes and logins.


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