standard Internet Safety and

At one time, the World Wide Web was a safe place for your children to explore, work on their homework and chat with friends.

Now, keeping your children safe while they surf the web has become a full time job. Pedophiles and sex offenders are using the internet to prey on our kids.

Nobody ever said that being a parent would be easy. The World Wide Web and online sites like are making our jobs more and more challenging.

MySpace is a social networking site where kids can share pictures, chat with friends and make new friends.MySpace requires that members be fourteen years old or older and they warn kids not to post personal information. Sadly, this is a warning that many kids choose to ignore.

A point of frustration, when dealing with kids, is that they can be fearless. You can give them the warnings.

You can explain the dangers. There are cyber bullies, adults posing as teenagers and countless forms of harassment. Unfortunately, many kids believe that these things happen to other people, not them.

The statistics are sobering. According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in 2005 there were over 2,600 instances documented where adults were using the World Wide Web to prey on potential victims. Such facts can be a frightening reality when you consider the time your kids spend online.

It would be simple if you could turn your kids loose on the internet and expect that they will make all of the right choices.