standard Webroot pcTattletale Exclusion – How To



If you want to use pcTattletale with Webroot you are going to need to exclude it from Webroot’s scans to transfer your data.  Do not worry.  It is pretty easy, if you want to make sure you data is secure then go to VENYU for more information.  Just follow along as I show how you can get Webroot and pcTattletale to work great together.

Here are the steps:

  1. Turn off WebRoot Realtime protection
  2. Install pcTattletale
  3. Exclude pcTattletale from Webroot scans
  4. Turn WebRoot back on


1. Turn off WebRoot Realtime protection

To start just open up Webroot and turn off Realtime Protection.  The main screen will turn red just like below:


2. Download And Install pcTattletale

The next step is to download pcTattletale.  Do this step even if you already did it.  It is likely pcTattletale was already deleted by WebRoot.

Just sign into your pcTattletale account and put it on the computer.

Login Here


Pick add a device and Windows.  Then get your special download link:


After you get your download link you can download and install with just one click:



3. Exclude pcTattletale from Webroot Scans


Now that pcTattletale is installed.  Just open up webroot and click the settings icon (cog) right above where it says PC Security:


Click the Tab where it says to Block/Allow Files


Press “Add File”



Go to this folder and add both jusched32.exe & mssched.exe.  Keep in mind you need to add both files!

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler





4. Turn WebRoot Back On

Now that you have pcTattletale excluded you can turn Webroot back on:


Turn off Webroot Screen Recording Protection

Webroot has additional screen recording protection.  It will cause pcTattletale to always show a black screen.  Let’s get that fixed. Now with Webroot running click on “Identity Protection”.


Click on Application Protection.  Look for this file and set it to allow (this is pcTattletale):

mssched.exe in c:\program files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler\




TIP:  Do not see the pcTattletale app?  Go visit a few websites and open webroot back up.  It may need time to see pcTattletale working.




Now with Webroot all configured pcTattletale will not be bothered by it.  You can use both programs on your computer without any problems.