standard 7 Spy Apps for 2022

Monitoring what your child is doing online can keep them and your family safe. Online safety has become precarious today. Despite parents’ and employers’ best efforts, kids and employees today always find ways around any online monitoring and filtering programs put in place. It’s essential to know the right monitoring software and apps out there for your business or family. Below is a review of 7 software in the market that were created to provide powerful monitoring solutions for all parents and ensure everyone’s safety online.



1. pcTattletale

pcTattletale works on both Windows PCs and Android devices.  It makes live videos you can watch right from your phone, tablet, or any other device.  Watch your whole staff work online at the same time.  pcTattletale includes a powerful keylogger for Windows.  It gives you great GPS tracking abilities for Android.  pcTattletale tops the list as the best spy app.  Go try it free today and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

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2. Refog Keylogger

This is a software that can run on both MAC and Windows computer. You will need to physically access the computer to install this app. Once you download the app, the user’s computer will log all the keystrokes and you can access them from a remote computer. The Refog Keylogger software will record all website URLs the user has gone to. However, it cannot record this information when the user is using invisible browser mode. The Refog Keylogger had many cons; one of them is that it can only record sites that it was programmed. For exammple, if it’s programmed to record the Facebook website, the software can break the Keylogger if Facebook makes some changes to its website. This might not be a big issue if you have access to the user’s computer to make changes and update the software regularly.






3. Spyrix

Spyrix is a software that allows you to monitor and keep tabs on your children, spouse, colleagues and employees’ online activities. This is among the leading spying software in the market today due to the wide-ranging options and services it offers. With an increase in online criminal activities, monitoring software are now a necessity. The Spyrix app can help parents track their children’s online activities and keep them safe from children predators and other dangerous online activities. The software is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, to monitor an iOS device, you need credentials. All you need to get started is to set up a premium account and access to the target device. Once it’s set up, you will have access to all apps features and the device’s control panel. You can now log in to the target device’s control panel and start monitoring all online activity.





4. Truthspy

The Truthspy is a monitoring and spying app. It can be used to spy on your children or spouse. The software will run in the background invisibly, and you can have access to everything they did on their phone from a remote location. If you have doubts about your children’s online activities or you suspect your spouse of cheating, then the Truthspy app is the best software for you. The app is available on Android and some iOS devices. If you dig a little dipper, you will see that the software can’t be used on iOS devices. The manufacturers recommend that you jailbreak your iOS device to use this app. Jailbreaking an iPhone will leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If your iPhone is running on iOS 11 or 12, this app will not work for you.




5. SpectorSoft

If you are looking for this software, you have probably hit a dead end. This is because the SpectorSoft Key logger is no longer in the market. It was called Spector Pro.  In 2015, the company changed its name to Veriato, which is a specialized corporate product. Although it’s an older monitoring software, the Spector Soft could record transcripts of chats and conversations, social media passwords, visited websites, keystrokes, sent and received emails. The software was stealth and could run invisibly and visibly with limited website blocking capabilities. The best alternative in the market today for this software is the pcTattletale.






6. Xnspy

An Xnspy app is monitoring software that can also be used for spying. After having a closer look at the software, its services are heavily advertised for spying rather than monitoring.

This app is not a secure option. From installation, it presents a security risk by requiring users to jailbreak their phones. Although it’s not illegal to jailbreak your phone, it often voids your warranty and causes other issued such as faster draining of the battery and frequent crashing of the device. The app offers an option of installing on an iOS device without jailbreaking. However, you will need the iCloud password and username. Installing the app on an android phone without rooting limits its spying abilities. Most features of this app are only available on jailbroken iOS devices or rooted Android phones. You can have access to pictures, texts, call history, received and sent emails, all calendar activities, costs, all installed apps, location history and sim card changes.



7. SpyBubble

Due to some legal issues, SpyBubble’s name was changed to Hover Watch. A few years back, some people on the internet were reselling the SpyBubble software for a commission; therefore, the company owners decided to rename it instead of closing it down. Just like pcTattletale, the SpyBubble app is very hard to find. Unless you are good with computers and you know your way around an android phone. The app, however, is not supported on iPhones. The software charges on once-a-month subscriptions which can add up very fast. If you forget to cancel, you may end up using over 300 dollars annually to monitor one user. You will also need to keep updating the app to stay current. When searching for SpyBubble online, be careful not to end up on someone else’s reseller website. PcTattletale is a better alternative to SpybBubble as it is inexpensive and offers more updated features.








There are many legitimate and justifiable reasons to use monitoring and spying apps on people. There are numerous uses of a spy app; you can use it to track your children’s online activities, check a device’s location and track an office phone. Before using any spy apps, ensure you are familiar with the law of the land. It’s unkind and rude to spy on someone without their consent.