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You can find several apps providing parents with tracking capabilities to keep their kids safe.  That is why you are considering the SpyTec GPS Tracker.  But does it really work? You need to keep in mind there is a critical difference between spying and monitoring. Although the Spytec GPS Tracker is a somewhat popular device, it is ethically and legally questionable.

SpyTec GPS Activation

The majority of product reviews for the SpyTec GPS Tracker are poor. Numerous users stated they were unable to activate their devices even after struggling to obtain a replacement. Many of these reviews referred to the activation process and customer service as nightmares. Most users are dissatisfied with the SpyTec GPS help available claiming the customer service representatives were unfriendly and untrained.



SpyTec Monthly Fee Review

SpyTec GPS Tracker Features

No standalone app is available. When compared to other apps such as pcTattletale, this is an unacceptable omission. There is one website for desktop users with a watered-down version for mobile users. The location of the device you are tracking can be seen from the current location and where the device has been for the previous 24 hours.

SpyTec GPS Tracker


The coordinates for longitude and latitude can be ported to Google Maps apps. Unfortunately, you are unable to track several necessary vitals, view the account settings and view or create geofences through the mobile site.

SpyTec GPS Tracker Website

You manage the SpyTec GPS Tracker with the Google Maps interface through the main site by switching to Google Earth. This works like a lot of Android GPS Cell Phone Trackers Once logged in, your home address must be set manually by inputting the coordinates for longitude and latitude. You can only enter your home address with the geofencing feature but must zoom down to your location with no idea as to the height and width of the zoning circle.

SpyTec Realtime Cell Phone Tracking


SpyTec GPS Accuracy

The accuracy of the Spytec GPS Tracker is decent.  Bit it only tracks GPS.  It will not let you do things like spy apps for text messaging. You can generally track a location within a few yards, The issue is there is no capability for SpyTec GPS Tracker using the device to place one or two-way calls with emergency options unavailable.


SpyTech Review



SpyTec has Outrageous Monthly fees!

The pricing of the SpyTec GPS unit and data is high. The unit sells for about $150, with monthly plans from $25 to $45 per month and an additional $5 monthly service fee. The only difference between pricing tiers is the frequency of updates. If you do not purchase the $45 monthly plan, you only receive updates once per minute as opposed to every five seconds. Anyone with a child knows a lot can happen in less than a minute.

SpyTec Review Monthly Fees


SpyTec Expensive Montly Plans




pcTattleatale is a Great Alternative!



pcTattleatale is an excellent option for Spytec GPS Tracker enabling you to keep track of the online activity of your colleague, coworker, child or partner.  It is one of the best mobile spy software for Android you can get. The wide range of options has ensured this tracker is one of the industry leaders. The app enables concerned parents to determine the amount of time their children spend online. Parents can make certain children do not fall prey to online predators, sexting and cyberbullying.

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pcTattletale Spy app SpyTec GPS Recording


See All Social Media and More

The dashboard tracks the above issues including photos.  This is quite a bit different from SpyTec, The low price protects children from all of these dangers. There are more than 750,000 online sex offenders registered in the United States using false personas to search social media for kids. Despite the attempts made by Facebook regarding fake profiles and policies, the issue remains. pcTattleatale is a great way to protect your kids from these serious issues. The app offers a convenient and easy way of monitoring a kid’s activities.


pcTattletale SpyTec Dashboard


All that is required to set up your account is the pcTattleatale app, the target device and your phone. You can use the app for Android and iPhone. Once you have a premium account, you can access all of the features through the control panel. You then access the device you want to target, log in to use the control panel and begin monitoring activity. pcTattleatale is not detectable due to the new technology used to create the app.


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pcTattletale is Completely Hidden

Unlike SpyTec GPS tracker the pcTattletale app installs in a different area of memory storage before binding to the operating system. This means the app is safe and undetectable for all devices. The app is also invisible to malware scanners and antivirus protection. An outside entity is unable to delete the app. This can only be accomplished by the individual who installed pcTattleatale. You can install the app on numerous devices and continue using it for as long as necessary.


pcTattleatle Activity Recording vs. SpyTec



Watch all Devices from One Place

The company provides a compatibility page on its official website so you can check which devices are supported by the app. If you need help or have questions, the professional support staff is available.


pcTattletale Employee Monitoring Dashboard


If you have questions about your Android and want to perform your own research, the dashboard on the Android website is excellent. You will find details regarding the characteristics and number of devices you require including the screen size. This is an effective method for honing in on support systems and devices. If you check the Platform versions, you can monitor all of the Android devices you are monitoring.

Child GPS Tracking from Computer or Phone

Easy Setup for Phone or Computer

You must have access to the device you are targeting to install or uninstall pcTattleatale.  Unlike SpyTec pcTattletale runs on their phone.  There is no hardware to buy. You will be unable to accomplish this remotely since physically accessing your targeted device is necessary. Once you click on the install button, a box will appear with the necessary permissions for gaining access to specific files, the internet and contacts. You will also see a dropdown list including every device linked to your Google account.

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From here, you will select and install the devices of your choice. The app is smooth and works extremely well. To install the app, you will require the Apple credentials as opposed to a jailbreak. You can use the app to view all of the relevant data through the monitoring device you chose for installation.  There are few easy steps like turning on GPS Tracking for Android. Once you fully understand the features available with your app, you can easily access extensive monitoring power. The instructions and features are easy to understand and use.

pctattletale android install


Watch From Computer or Phone

You can use your device to view the complete call history of the target device. Time and date are used to record all call logs including phone numbers, contact names, call duration and whether the call was accepted, denied, incoming or outgoing.  This is unlike SpyTec with giving you only their location. The history feature provides you with insight regarding who is calling and the frequency of the calls. Reading the tutorial for the pcTattleatale app is recommended prior to using this feature.

Watch from your Android Phone

You can also browse through both received and sent messages and view chat lists including the number of messages, names and numbers. For every Apple device, you can read the entire iMessage history as well. You can read and download videos and multimedia files and track both iOS and Android devices remotely. You can access detailed location updates and route histories regardless of the type of phone in rea-time.

As opposed to the numerous spy hardware options available that include a monthly fee, pcTattleatale is a spy app. This means you can install the app on your phone with no monthly fee. Since GPS is recorded by pcTattleatale, you have the ability to see all actions performed through Snapchat, texting, social media, etc. on the phones you are tracking.

The Bottom Line

The appeal of the majority of options including Spytec GPS is compromised by the hefty price tags, lack of features or questionable ethics. If you are concerned about the activities of your children and want to keep them safe, pcTattleatale is an excellent option. There is no better time to start protecting your children than right now. You can accomplish this simply by signing up for the pcTattletale free 7-day trial here:

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