standard Avira Exclusion for pcTattletale



Are you trying to put pcTattletale on a computer with Avira?  If so it will block pcTattletale just as you go to install it.

The good news is it is easy fix.  Just follow along in this short “how to” article.  You can exclude pcTattletale from Avira’s scans.

Once you do this both apps will work well together on the computer.

Here are the 4 steps we will cover in this article:

  1. Turn off Avira Realtime Scans
  2. Download and install pcTattletale
  3. Exclude pcTattleteale from Avira Scans
  4. Turn Avira Realtime Scans back on




Turn off Avira Realtime Scans

Just open up the Avira control panel.  Follow the screen shots below.

Avira Control Panel Free Anti Virus


Avira Protection Options screen

Make sure to turn off Realtime Protection.  Do not worry.  We will turn it back on at the end.


Avira Turn off Realtime Protection


Install pcTattletale

Now you can install pcTattletale.  Just sign into your pcTattletale account and put it on the computer.

Login Here


Pick add a device and Windows.  Then get your special download link:


After you get your download link you can download and install with just one click:



Exclude pcTattleteale from Avira Scans

Now that pcTattletale is on the computer and working.  You need to Avira to leave it alone.  Here is how to exclude pcTattletale from Avira’s scans.

Open up Avira.  Click the little cog (sprocket) just like the screen shot below:


Avira Setup Cog For Exclusions


Now click Exceptions:



Copy And Paste the following folder path into Avira just like the screen shot below.  Then you do not have to pick the folders.


c:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler



After you copy and paste the file patch into the box above click the add add button.  Now you can have told Avira to exclude pcTattletale from their scans.

Finally just hit the Apply Button to save your changes.

Avira Exclusion Button Free Antivirus


Turn Avira Realtime Scans Back On

The last step is to turn Avira’s scan back on.  Once you do that you are all set.  Both pcTattletale and Avira will work well togetherAvira Turn on Realtime Protection now.