standard Security Software Blocks pcTattletale download links

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When you go to download pcTattletale using your special download link you may find the site is blocked by your security software.

Here is what a typical screen might look like

Why pcTattletale is blocked?

These apps rightfully block pcTattletale because after all it is software you can use for spying.  But since you want to put pcTattleatle on a device it is usually very easy to get around.

You just need to find out what app is Blocking pcTattletale and allow it to let you use the download link.


Check Security Software

Check the PC for any 3rd party security software. It is likely breaking pcTattletale. You can either remove the 3rd party app and use Microsoft’s built in one or exclude pcTattletale from their scans.

Just click down by the computer’s clock and look for the security icon:

Next open the security center.  Here is an example of a computer that has the Windows Default Security Software running on the machine (this will likely not give you any problems):

Here is an example of a Computer using McAfee Enterprise.  Notice how it asks you to open McAfee, the 3rd party app:


Find Your 3rd Party Security App

You should see your security app listed below.  Just click the logo to see how to get it work with pcTattletale.  What if your security app is not here?  Well it probably works fine with pcTattletale.
















Still having problems getting to the pcTattletale download link?  We need to hear about it.  Let us know now!