standard Security Software Blocks pcTattletale download links

When you go to download pcTattletale using your special download link you need to allow it to run on Windows.  pcTattletale is a spy app.  Windows Defender will warn you about it right when you go to download and install the pcTattletale recorder.  The good news is it is easy to fix once you allow pcTattletale to run on your Computer.


Allow Download From Google Chrome Browser

If you use Google chrome it will block the pcTattletale.  You need to allow it on your device.


Microsoft Edge Blocks pcTattletale

When you try to download with the Microsoft Edge browser you will see it is blocks as a false-positive Virus:


Allow pcTattletale With Windows Security

All Windows computers have Windows Security built in by default.   If you do not have any security apps on your computer then you already have Windows Security.   Just follow these steps when you try to download pcTattletale:



Now that you have Allowed pcTattletale on your device let us make sure Windows does not try to ever remove it.  Just follow these easy steps.


Open the security center and pick Virus & threat Protection:


Next pick “Manage Settings”:

Scroll down on the next screen until you find the “Exclusions” section.  This where we can tell Windows Security to leave pcTattletale alone.



Select “Add an Exclusion” and pick the “Folder” option:


Copy the File Path Below.  Paste it into the folder box on the open dialog screen.  Then click “Select Folder”:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\scheduler



Now pcTattletale will be allowed to run on the Computer without being removed by Windows Security.

If pcTattletale is not working just try downloading pcTattletale again.  This time Windows Security will leave it alone and you can install pcTattletale.



3rd Party Security Apps Block pcTattletale


If you do not have Windows defender like the graphic above then you probably have a 3rd party security app.  They can also block pctattletale.  Here is what a typical screen might look like

Why pcTattletale is blocked?

These apps rightfully block pcTattletale because after all it is software you can use for spying.  You can this is true for all spy apps like Spector Pro too. But since you want to put pcTattleatle on a device it is usually very easy to get around.

You just need to find out what app is Blocking pcTattletale and allow it to let you use the download link.


Check Security Software

Check the PC for any 3rd party security software. It is likely breaking pcTattletale. You can either remove the 3rd party app and use Microsoft’s built in one or exclude pcTattletale from their scans.

Just click down by the computer’s clock and look for the security icon:

Next open the security center.  Here is an example of a computer that has the Windows Default Security Software running on the machine (this will likely not give you any problems):

Here is an example of a Computer using McAfee Enterprise.  Notice how it asks you to open McAfee, the 3rd party app:


Find Your 3rd Party Security App

You should see your security app listed below.  Just click the logo to see how to get it work with pcTattletale.  What if your security app is not here?  Well it probably works fine with pcTattletale.

















Still having problems getting to the pcTattletale download link?  We need to hear about it.  Let us know now!