standard How to Exclude pcTattletale From Avast

If you are trying to use pcTattletale with Avast security on your computer then you probably did not get far.  Avast is a popular 3rd party security app you can find on your computer.  It is popular because it is free.  In this short article I show you how to get Avast and pcTattletale to play nicely together.


Avast Blocks pcTattletale Install

Avast will block you from trying to download pcTattletale before you can even put it on your computer.


When you get your special download link and try to download pcTattletale Avast will block you:

Avast blocks pcTattleale download


Disable Avast Realtime Protection

The first thing we need to do is put Avast to sleep so we can install pcTattletale.  Click down by the clock and look for the Avast icon.  Then Right-Click it.  Turn off the shields until the computer is restarted

TIP: Right-Click for Menus

Download pcTattletale

Now you can safely download and install pcTattletale

Exclude pcTattletale From Avast Scans

Now we just need to tell Avast to leave pcTattletale alone.  Open up the Avast control panel (TIP: you can right click down by the clock like you did above).  Then click “menu”.


Select Settings



Pick Exceptions then Add Exception


Exclude the pcTattletale Folder.  Drill down through the folders until you get to the one at the bottom of the screenshot below:

Restart Avast Protection

The final Step is restart Avast’s protection.


Now Avast will leave pcTattletale and you can use both programs together.  If you run into any problems make sure to contact us.