standard How to setup eSET with pcTattletale


ESET is a popular 3rd party security app you will find on a lot of Windows Computers.  Out of the box ESET will block pcTattletale.  In fact their security is so strict you will not be able to even downlaod pcTattletale to put it on your computer.

Follow along and learn how to set up ESET so it leaves pcTattleatle alone and you can use both programs together.

Allow ESET for pcTattletale Downloading

The first thing we need to to is put ESET to sleep for a little bit so we can install pcTattletale.  ESET will have an icon down by your clock.  Just click it:

Now pick “Pause protection”.


ESET will only want to pause it for 10 minutes.  But let’s give ourselves plenty of time and make sure we get pcTattleatle installed:


Now sign into your pcTattletale account.  Pick “account overview” and “add device”:

Sign into pcTattleatle Account Here

Pick Windows and get your special download link.  Paste that link into a new browser tab:


When you go to download pcTattleatale ESET will try to block it.  Just press “ignore”:


Now you can do ahead and install pcTattletale without any problems:


Now that pcTattletale is installed we have to tell ESET to leave it alone!


How To Exclude pcTattletale from ESET scans

The next step is to exclude pcTattleatle from ESET’s scans. The good news is you can just import all the settings for pcTattletale.  I have already done them for you!

Go back into ESET and choose “Setup” then “Import Settings”:


Click Here To Download ESET Settings- Right Click Save As…

Right-Click on the link above and pick “save link as…” to download the special ESET settings for pcTattletale.  If you just click the link it will display the settings in your browser.  We don’t want that!

Then Import them link this:



When you are done press IMPORT.

Put ESET back to Normal

The last step is to put ESET back to normal.  Just right click on the ESET icon like the screen below:

Enable ESET protection.


Now pcTattletale and ESET will work together.  If you run into any problems or some of your screens look different contact us to get help setting up pcTattletale.