standard How The pcTattletale Free Trial Works

In this article I want to tell you all about the pcTattletale free trial and how it works. There seems to be some confusion on it.  You can watch the video version above if you do not want to read about it.


How To Get Started

To get started with the pcTattletale free trial just click this link below:

Enter your email and make a password.  Then you are all set. There is no credit card required.


No Time Limits

One big question I get asked is about a 7 day Free Trial. PCTattletale used to be a 7 day free trial years ago but it was taken away for two very good reasons:

1. First people would sign up and not be able to get access to the target device for several days. They finally put pcTattletlae on the target device on day #5.  Then they only have 2 days left on their free trial. So this was not very effective.

2. Secondly 3 out of 4 people would pcTattletale on the target device and get everything they needed. In just a few days you can get all their passwords and have a very good idea of what they are doing online. So why buy pctattletale? That is what happened. Very few people bought.  The business just would not be viable.

Today pcTattletale works as a crippled version. There are no time limits at all. Instead you are limited to the how much video you can see until you purchase.

With the pcTattletale free trial you can see the first part of what they do each day. If you want to see the entire day simply purchase the app. Having no time limits has been very effective.

Free Trial Purpose

The purpose of the free trial is to make sure you are able to load it on the target device and be able to see enough of how it works to make a buying decision. You should not have to buy pcTattletale only to find out you can not load it on the device or it is not going to do what you want.

No Updates Needed

The last thing you need to know about the pcTattletale free trial is you do not need to update the software on the target device. The only difference between the “paid” and “free” versions are what you can see on the website. The apps you put on the target devices are the same app.

So that is just about everything you need to know about the pcTattletale free trial. It has not time limits. No credit card required. No app updates needed after purchase.

Just sign up and put it on the target device. Then you can decide if pcTattletale is right for you.

Want to give pcTattletale a try?

What are you waiting for?  Click the button below to sign up today: