standard How To Easily Fix pcTattletale Stopped Recording Problems for Windows

If you ended up on this page it is likely that you think pcTattletale for Windows stopped recording.  This short article will show you why this has happened and how you can easily fix it.

Why pcTattletale Stopped Recording?

By far the most common reasons pcTattletale is having problems is either Windows Startup or 3rd party security software on the machine.

Security apps can be overly aggressive in protecting your computer.  Some of them can even disable pcTattletale.  Once they do this pcTattletale will stop recording.

Check Windows Startup

Sometimes Windows can disable pcTattletale from starting up.  You will likely see that pcTattletale was working great for a week and then stopped when they finally restarted the computer.  Here is how to see if Windows has disabled pcTattletale and fix it.

First just right click with your mouse anywhere on the black band at the bottom of the screen to select the task manager like below (Windows 10 shown):

Now pick the startup tab.  Look for the Microsoft Scheduler Process:

If it is disabled turn it on:

Restart the computer and pcTattletale should start working again.

Check Security Software

Check the PC for any 3rd party security software. It is likely breaking pcTattletale. You can either remove the 3rd party app and use Microsoft’s built in one or exclude pcTattletale from their scans.

Just click down by the computer’s clock and look for the security icon:

Next open the security center.  Here is an example of a computer that has the Windows Default Security Software running on the machine (this will likely not give you any problems):

Here is an example of a Computer using McAfee Enterprise.  Notice how it asks you to open McAfee, the 3rd party app:

Most of these 3rd party security apps have an “exclusions” section.  You will need to find it and exclude pcTattletale from their scans. Here is where pcTattletale lives on their computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\scheduler

Just add this folder to the security app’s exclusion section. If you can’t add a folder then add the 2 .exe files that are in there and you will be all set.

A second option is to just remove the 3rd party security software all together.  If you use Microsoft’s built-in security your computer will still be very secure and pcTattletale will work with out problems.

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Reinstall pcTattletale

After you fix the computer you will need to reinstall pcTattletale since the security software likely broke it.

If you do not remember how to do this just read this pcTattletale For Windows Install Article.

At that point it should run great for you and not stop recording like this.

Still Not Working?

If you have done these steps and installed pcTattletale again but it is still not working just contact us.  We will work with you to fix the problem: