standard Samsung Devices Can Break pcTattletale

Samsung has heavily modified Android and added additional security features.  They will alert the person you are watching that pcTattletale is running.  To make matters worse they have a “Anti-Malware” app that will shut down pcTattletale from time to time.  Once it shuts down pcTattletale it can not be restarted.  You will not be able to see any more recordings until you reinstall pcTattletale.

This is the kind of screen the person you are watching will see on their phone.  Notice how easy it is to remove pcTattletale:

How To Fix

There are not any special buttons or settings you can change on the phone.  Instead we can use the help of your computer to run special commands that can remove the bloatware Samsung put on all their devices.

Simply click the link below and install pcTattletale using the help of your computer.  Then it will work great for you:

Install pcTattletale on Android with Computer