standard How to Download pcTattletale recorded videos

When you put pcTattletale on any Windows PC or Android device it makes YouTube like movies of every time they click or touch the screen.

Just sign into the pcTattletale website from your smartphone, tablet, or another computer and you can see everything they did.

The pcTattletale video player is great. It lets you see what they did and you can even watch what they are doing in realtime. How? By using the Live Monitoring button.

One of the most common requests we get at pcTattletale is people wanting to save the videos. There are two main reasons for this.

First, You want to keep the video longer than you account allows (most accounts keep the videos for 7 days then they are overwritten with newer ones).

Secondly, You need to have the video offline for use in something like a court case.

In both examples there are legitimate needs to have a video archive of what they did online.

PcTattletale Downloadable videos

We are happy to announce that you can finally download all of your pcTattletale video recordings. When you download them they are saved as common MP4 Video files that you can use and play almost anywhere.

Here is how to download your pcTattletale videos.

First just pick the day you want to save from the calendar at the top of your video

Then just click the download icon next to the date:


Now you will see a video download page:

Just press the “Start Download” button and pcTattletale will start preparing your video.

Keep in mind we need to download all those recorded screenshots. Sometimes there are thousands of them so this process can take a while. Just be patient. It will eventually finish getting all the video Frames.

Next it will convert all those screen shots into an easy to watch video. Again this process is much faster but it can still take a few minutes.

When it is finally done building your video you can download it:

When you click the download link your video will start to download.

TIP: Android and iPhone devices don’t like to download videos. If you are trying to download through your smartphone you might be surprised to find out you can’t save the video… Only watch it. The best practice is to download the videos to a Windows PC or MAC.

Now with your video downloaded you don’t have to worry if pcTattletale erases it to make room for more recent recordings. You have a permanent record of what they did.

Want to try it out? Just sign into your pcTattletale account here or make a free account and try it today.