standard How To turn on GPS on Android

To use pcTattletale’s advanced GPS tracking capabilities you need to make sure GPS Location Services is turned ON.  This short blog posts shows you how to do just that.  If pcTattletale does not show any GPS tracking this is most likely the problem.

Just use the screen shots below and follow along.  These were taken from an Android version 8 phone but yours will look very similar.

Here are the overview of the steps and we will go over them in more detail:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select Privacy and Location
  3. Turn on GPS Location Services
  4. Reinstall pcTattletale

The first step is to get into Android settings.  You can do this by swiping down on the phone:

Next click the cog “sprocket” as shown below:

This will bring up Android’s system settings.  Next just look for “Security and Location”:

After that just pick Location:

You will see Location is turned off.  Just turn it on:


Now that you have Location settings turned on you will need to reinstall pcTattletale.  If you don’t remember how to do this just click the link below:

How To Install pcTattletale for Android Click Here

Still having problems getting it to work?  Make sure to contact us.