standard Mobile Spy Apps Without Jailbreaking Or Rooting

mobile spyAn average mobile user has no idea how to jailbreak or root their mobile devices. Which is why we are going to discuss how to choose mobile spy apps without jailbreak or root.

Best Mobile Spy Apps Without Jailbreaking Or Rooting:

1- Pc Tattletale:

Number 1 application in our list that provides all these functions is at Here you can get to monitor all types of devices including Apple devices remotely. The thing about PC Tattletale that makes it so unique is the fact that it doesn’t charge you extra or bothers you with alternate package plans. Things are plain and simple. Considering all the other options in the market, PC Tattletale is the best option. It can track messages.


The second best mobile spy app for this purpose is Highster. Highster is a short message service tracker and text message spy that has been getting developer support for the last eight years. It not only lets the user get new text messages from any cell phone, it also keeps the old and deleted SMS as well. Even if those messages are up to one year old.

The way it works is after entering the telephone number of the target user within minutes the information starts coming into your device, and the information includes the content of every message and the time and the number of sender and receiver. This app also offers live customer support. However, this app comes at a higher cost which is $69.99. The functionality, as well as the flexibility offered, are both worth it.

3- Auto Forward Spy:

There is another app which can be used without rooting your device is Auto Forward Spy. It can also take photos remotely without having the cell phone with you. The other features of this app include SMS recording, call recording, social media recording, GPS recording, getting information on incoming and outgoing calls and accessing the contacts that a person has stored on the targeted device. This app is offering all of the features mentioned above at a reasonable cost of $70. This app has been on the market for five years. With this all in one app, you can’t go wrong.

4- SurePoint:

The fourth app on our list is the SurePoint spy that works for both android and apple. This app offers a range of handy features without the requirement of jailbreak or rooting. This app can spy on text messages, call history, photos and videos. It doesn’t require a device to be in possession. It is an ideal tool for paranoid parents and parents who wish to monitor their family members. Just like the other apps on our list, this one also costs $70. This is the only app in our list that supports Apple devices as well.

5- XC Spy:

The fifth app on our list is XN spy. This undetectable spy app comes with the ability to spy on each and every feature of a smartphone. The included features are monitoring messages and phone calls, tracking GPS locations, monitoring online activity, recording the person anytime that you want, remotely targeting or tracking the device and taking live screenshots. However, this app is subscription based and requires a monthly subscription of $19.99.

These apps are all reliable which is why they aren’t for free. It is not a splendid idea to invade someone’s privacy, but in some cases, for the sake of mental peace and the safety of your children, you need to do things which you wouldn’t normally do.