standard Employee tracking app for android, iOS, Windows

Employee tracking appDo you want to keep a constant eye on your employees’ activities or track them during office hours? But unable to figure the application execution? Know the right employee tracking app. Here is the fastest and the most innovative application available to monitor your employees’ activities – it’s called PC Tattletale. It is available at

This is a modern employee tracking app for android, iOS, and windows devices. After GPS tracking, employee monitor technology is another revolutionary one. It helps track activities on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

This enables an employer to connect a security check into its employee’s computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. One can track another person’s activities on their computer through this software. You can install this app to a laptop, PC, tablets, smartphone, or any other similar device. The app is absolutely installable on all sorts of computer devices.

How Employee tracking app works

It’s a big challenge to many managing directors when it comes to particularly focus on each employee’s performance. And this app avails a platform to check any employee’s progress separately. Especially the small business houses, which provide home-delivery services, need to be careful about their employee’s activities. Because it comes with a number of miss happening accidents.

Some exciting features of this app are –

1- Employee Monitoring Machine

This PC Tattletale is an easy to install app on any digital device. It records everything, captures images, and reviews all workstation activities for your business and sends it to your account.
2- Easy to install employee tracking app
You can install it within a matter of minutes. One doesn’t have to waste long hours trying to get the hang of this software. This is one of the reasons why it’s the best choice for tracking online and computer activities of employees. Anyone can install this application because of its simple installation process and easy UI.

3 – Easy to get started with

One can follow simple steps by just logging into the PC Tattletale account. Sign in to the web page of PC Tattletale and read about this app.

Since the recorder is installed on the device of your choice (laptop, desktop, hand-held devices) now you are free to observe your staff’s activities. It will play the recordings of the device in a movie-like format.

  1. Check your business productivity through right method

One cannot rely on assumptions of growth while managing a whole business. You need simple and measurable tools for assessing employee productivity and time management.

PC Tattletale monitors and measures the productivity of the firm. It gives accurate information about the working efficiency and what your employees have been doing throughout the day.