standard Parental Controls In Fire Fox

I just came across a post on the blog that talks about a new software plugin for the FireFox web broswer called “Glubble“.

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What’s interesting is all the new social networking features that they’ve added to the software.

The parental controls in Glubble work on two different levels. First, parents can “unlock” sites for their children that they approve of.  For instance, Glubble already lists a large selection of pre-approved web sites, but parents can also add other sites at any time.

Much like PC Tattletale,  Glubble monitors your children’s Google searches and filters out any inappropriate content. Glubble also keeps a record of all the sites your children visit.

When a child uses Glubble, it is presented with a full-screen Firefox skin that blocks access to the rest of the desktop. From there, children can browse the web, post to the family wall, or chat with family members.

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