standard Spy Apps For Android And iOS

spy appsSpy apps are apps that provide you with information that some might think is unethical to have. It may question the fact whether you respect others’ privacy or not. However, sometimes for safety purposes as well as parenting reasons you need to keep such an app on the mobile phones of your children, your employees, and even your spouse. These apps usually send screenshots of activities and other details to the servers where you can log in and get the details on the dashboard. Some apps may give you the screenshots of the activities on the phones, whereas other may even give you completely recorded calls or video calls.  You can learn more in my article about 7 spy apps that I reviewed. If you don’t want the person to know that the application is active on his/her phone, then make sure you hide/lock the app before giving them their phone back.

Best Spy Apps For iPhone and Andriod:

iPhone Spy app

The iPhone spy app is an app specially designed for iPhone users. This app is all in one which means you can use different methods of spying from just one app. The app has amazing features such as live call listening, live call recording, live webcam recording, ambient listening, ambient recording, tracking IM, recording VOIP calls, spy on SMS, spy on facetime, a spy of emails, spy on camera and other features. It depends on what you want to get, so you select the options accordingly. There are legal limitations to using such an app. The cell phone has to be your property to install such an app. Otherwise, you might get into trouble.

Mobile hidden camera:

Most of the android spy apps don’t give many functions therefore for every function. One has to install an individual app. Mobile hidden camera is a good app to see through the camera whatever is happening in the vicinity of the mobile owner. This app can give both live and recorded videos from the camera of the user which you can see by logging into the dashboard.

Sneaky Cam:

Sneaky Cam is again like the mobile spy camera app. It also captures pictures and videos from the targeted phone. You’ll have to choose whether you want a picture of videos. You can control this application from the dashboard after logging in.

Spy Message:

Spy message gives you the details about the text messages received and sent from the targeted phone. This gives you the knowledge about who your child, employee or spouse is talking to and about what. This may invade the privacy of the user which is why one needs to make sure that they are the owners of the targeted user’s phone before installing the app in it. Otherwise, they may face legal action for invading privacy.

Ear Spy:

Ear Spy is an app that uses your microphone to record sounds in the vicinity of your phone. The recording can be saved or even be a live recording. This is a good way to hear what the target person is doing through hearing their conversations.