standard Spy Phone Software for worried parents and spouses

spy phone softwareIn the current times, every single person has a cell phone. From children aged 10 to adults and old people, no one can survive without a cell phone. It is no longer just a gadget, but it is a need of time. Sometimes it is important for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children. Similarly, it is important for a person to keep an eye on their spouse. Some people might think that these things are impossible to do. However, in the current era, there are some applications that can help you and give you the peace of mind that you desire. There are many spy phone software which you can install on the mobile or other devices of a person. Some reliable apps for this purpose are as following:

Best Spy Phone Software:

Pc Tattletale

Considering all the applications on the market, imagine having one app in your gadget that does all spying jobs for you. Such an app can be found at  Pc Tattletale is the #1 app in the market, and it is also considered as the most reliable spying app.  For more information read spy phone app download. It makes sure you don’t go through multiple frustrating procedures to subscribe. It is easy to handle for both iOS users as well as Android users.


The AccuTracking was incorporated in 2005 with one aim in mind, providing low-cost tracking with friendly user interface and mobile application. Its services are renowned for vehicle tracking and personal tracking. Accutracking offers a free trial and pay as you go service. You don’t need to commit to any contracts or auto billing. Accutracking service pings with the cell tower along with the GPS network in order to provide effective and accurate tracking. Another unique feature of AccuTracking is that you can use your preexisting GPS device for this service. You don’t need to buy new and proprietary devices. Incase you do end up needing one, AccuTracker has you covered.

Find my friends:

This app helps you know where your loved ones are. This isn’t just for family but for friends as well. Find my Friends is an iOS app and syncs with contacts to find their location on maps. This is a good way to find out where your children and spouse is going. It doesn’t tell you what is happening inside of their phone, but it surely gives you an idea of whether your child or spouse is telling you the truth about where they are going.


Connect is an app that gathers the locations of your contacts (if their location service is on) and updates you about it. But it is a good phone tracker for parents. It is essential for both parties to have this app on their device and the location services on. Otherwise, the information will not transfer. This is again a great way to spy on your spouse and children.

Trick or Tracker 3.0:

Trick or Tracker 3.0 is another great application among spy phone software that you can install on your child’s phone. With a single tap, parents can find the exact location of their kid. Moreover, parents can receive the exact location at regular intervals and on an hourly basis. So do not worry whether your child is telling you the truth about going to a friend’s place or going to a party. Not only that, you can pre-set particular locations and whenever your child or spouse reaches that certain location, you will get a notification.