standard Best Parental Control Software for Windows

Best Parental Control SoftwareIf you have thought of installing the best parental control software on your computer, it’s an indicator that you are aware of the ill effects of internet. Know how internet can ruin your kids’ delicate minds, their future, and harm your system with malware attached with many websites.

In an unlikely event, if you are concerned about your spouse’s loyalty and sincerity towards you, parental control software will also help you in keeping surveillance on them. Needless to say, the best parental control software is one that offers you great peace of mind, and with the security cameras atlanta ga that are number one rated you can also secure your home for your family.

There are many parental control software apps available in the market today (check out my Spyzie review). Finding the right software that takes care of all your surveillance needs and is easy to use is a tedious task. Another major with them is that most of them require the end user to undergo a time consuming and complex installation process. You’ll need to a lot about computers: registry files, boot configuration, alert notification settings and what not?
And this is right where PC Tattletale comes into play. PC Tattletale is the best parental control software for Windows PCs.

Let’s take a look at what makes this best parental control software the total security and solution provider:

  • PC Tattletale is a complete solution that covers everything relating to parental control over the internet. From restricting websites to monitoring kids’ internet activities, the best parental control software does it all.
  • PC Tattle tale is superbly easy to install. Just download the executable file from our website and you can easily install it using the installation wizard. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use PC Tattletale.
  • Once PC Tattletale is installed, it records all the click, taps and keystrokes. This mighty software misses nothing.
  • You get to view the recorded activities of a given day in a video format.
  • The best thing about PC Tattletale is that it records the most recent activity and deletes the rest. So you don’t need to worry about server storage at all.
  • The data stored on cloud is encrypted to ensure privacy, security and integrity

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In this fast paced world where everything is in front of you with just a click of a mouse and/or a keystroke, it’s hard to keep your kids safe from the malignant side of internet, and thus, even more important so. PC Tattletale lets you protect your kids form more than 70 website categories including, but not limited to, pornography, drugs, violence, racism, gambling, phishing and spyware.

PC Tattletale takes the game a step further and enforces “Safe Search” on all browsers. You can also block certain sites for a given frame of time.

While PC Tattletale also offers these features to ensure your partner’s loyalty, we also believe it’s a question of moral integrity that you are sure of your own before questioning theirs.