standard Best Parental Control App for iPhone and Android

Best parental control appIn today’s times, keeping surveillance on your family members while they use internet on a computer (desktop or laptop) is just not good enough. Take a good look around, you’ll see the world hooked to a smartphone, either an Android or an iPhone. With every activity happening over the phones from messengers to social networking, be sure about your loved one’s safety. This is why the current technological era calls for the best parental control app for smartphones.

While you invest a large portion of your time and energy in office; guaranteeing your children’s wellbeing over the World Wide Web is critical and troublesome. What’s more, with so much anxiety and pressure in our lives, we can’t ignore the possibility of our partners falling prey to malicious people out there. We need to be aware and beware. And before we have a contingency plan, we need to make sure we don’t need one. As it goes with health, so it goes with our lives too, prevention is any given day better than cure.

What makes this best parental control app unique? 

What makes PC Tattletale the best parental control app (spy app) is its flexibility, agility, intelligence compatibility. It’s not just great for computers; PC Tattletale is also available for android and iPhones.

At PC Tattletale, we know different devices and operating systems have different versions of same software. What works for Windows may or may not work for an Android phone. And, what works for an Android may not work for an iPhone. We leave no stone unturned to make sure we develop software which is thoroughly compatible with the operating system it is going to be installed on. We are here to serve you with the best, and that can’t be achieved by a “one size fits all” kind of software, that looks great but meet your requirements.

What to look for while installing best parental control app? 

While installing most of the third-party parental control software for android or iPhone, the first step that a user needs to perform is to root it or jailbreak it. Not only does it render the phone warranty void, doing so also requires you to be a little tech savvy to say the least, if not a hardcore coder. Moreover, rooting or jail breaking your smartphone also removes the option of automatic updates, and outdated operating system versions, firmware versions etc make a mobile phone unstable. That will defeat the whole purpose, won’t it?

This is why we recommend PC Tattletale. This is not one of the software that makes you break a sweat just to install it. Using PC Tattletale, the best parental control app for Android and iPhone is just as easy as installing it. You don’t need to root your Android phone or Jailbreak your iPhone to make it safe for your kids like the Xnspy app. What we are offering you here is peace of mind. Grab the opportunity now, and ensure your kids’ safety and your love life is intact and unharmed.