standard iPhone Spy App for Smart Parents and Concerned Spouses!

iPhone Spy AppAre you wondering why people use an iPhone spy app or why it has become so popular in the past few years? To begin with, there are many situations and reasons for the success of the spy app. As a matter of fact, these iPhone apps are designed to serve an honest purpose. They are used to keep an eye on the actions of your loved ones.

Why the iPhone Spy App is Used by Parents to Keep an Eye on their Kids?

Parents feel that it is their responsibility to keep an eye on their child’s activities. Hence, they search for options to install powerful and effective surveillance software. This is in order to keep their children safe from the vulgar and disrespectful content that is on the internet. With this iPhone Spy App, parents can easily track what kind of IM software their children are downloading, which social networking sites are they using and who all they are communicating with. Moreover, the idea is not to intrude or spy into the child’s private life. But it is to give them the red-flags and the tell-tale signs that only parents can understand. For parents to do anything less than this would be negligent and even more critical.

Why Spouses Use an iPhone Spy App?

The iPhone spy apps can help the couples to know whether their partner is faithful or not. They can extract everything from offline to online activities such as checking each other’s phone calls, texts, and even their GPS location history in the actual time of doing.

What are the features of a good iPhone Spy App?

  • The iPhone Spy should be 100% undetectable and invisible.
  • It should be able to upload all photos from the camera, audio files, video files as well as wallpapers on your web account.
  • The App should enable you to read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages including iMessages.
  • It should use GPS positioning to determine the coordinates of the target device. It should demonstrate the path of travel between definite time periods.
  • The most important feature that an iPhone Spy App should posses is, it should not demand to jailbreak your target’s phone or put any other software on it at all.

What Makes pcTattletale the best iPhone Spy App?

The pcTattletale is a hybrid activity recorder that enables you to monitor smartphones, computers, and tablets usage in real time. Furthermore, this unique iPhone Spy App logs the activities of your iPhone or Android OS smartphone. Here are the features that make it stand out of the crowd:

  • You can easily Sign In to your pcTattletale account and monitor messages, calls, audio and video recordings, remotely, from any smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • The Data is secured. All the recorded data are collected in a safe and reliable online cloud. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES Encryption) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used to make sure that the information transferred and stored is safe and secured.
  • The highlight of the app is Jailbreaking. With pcTattletale, no jailbreaking or device rooting is required. You can easily use this app without touching the target’s phone or putting the software into it.

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