standard The Most Useful Phone Spy Tracker

phone spy trackerLooking for a phone spy tracker?  Read on as tell you all about them here.  Spy apps have become quite common in modern times and they are being used by almost everyone to monitor their families or businesses. In case you are a newbie to these apps there is a lot of spy work  you can do with them.  Let’s look at a few.

You can use them to monitor your child’s online activity, spy on your partner ,or capture your workstation activity of an employee. There is just a myriad of things that you can monitor with these phone spy trackers.  When it comes to the usefulness of spy apps, not all of these apps can help you achieve what you are really looking.

Actually most of them do not work! But there are a few that are quite effective in doing what you need. The best spy apps provide full performance and do not require the phone to be rooted or jailbroken. They are also lightweight, easy to install, and virtually undetectable.

Which is the best spy app out there?

When you are looking for an app to monitor your kids, spouse or employees, look no further than PC Tattletale. For more information read the Spy Phone app download article for Android users. This app can be used anywhere, anytime and on almost any device. It is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.  It records every click, keystroke or tap on the device.

spy app features for pcTattletale:

– Remotely view recordings

– Video playback

– No device rooting

– No device jailbreaking

– Records keystrokes

– Hidden (virtually undetectable)

– Easy installation

– Lightweight & full performance

How to use this phone spy tracker:

You just need to create an account with  Download and install the app on your device and you are good to start spying! Once installed, the app acts as a recorder to capture all activity on the device. If you are using a Windows computer, make sure that you have it installed on Windows XP or newer version. With the android devices the app works with Android 4 and newer version. For iPhone, pcTattletale is compatible with iPhone 5 and the newer models.   The tracker also works with Kindle Fire HD (all models), iPod Touch and iPad (all models).

Viewing recordings on this spy app is a walk in the park. You just need to sign in to with your account and see all  the recordings. You can do this from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The recordings are played as a video.  You can use a click-count chart to view only the most active times
of the day or night.

If you are an iPhone user you can view text messages, calls, contacts and Safari web history.  When it comes to data storage and security the phone spy tracker keeps the  most recent recordings and automatically deletes older activity.

For security the recorded data is kept in an online cloud.  The information is secured with AES Encryption and SSL techniques and technologies. Lastly, PC Tattletale is a very affordable spy app. With just $99, you can track 3 devices and monitor your family remotely.

Other packages like Family Plus, Small Office and Business are pretty pocket-friendly and come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for a good phone spy tracker then give pcTattletale a try today.