standard The most amazing spyware apps for Android phones

spyware for Android phonesSurely it has been rare times you could determine or find out what another was doing on their Android devices. But quiet, this can easily change using the right tools, and although it seems impressive, spy on anyone. To do this, pay close attention to everything that will be described in this article below. You will be exposed with the list with the best spyware for Android phones.

First of all you should know that spyware for Android phones is mostly categorized as a way to maintain parental control.  Although it can also be used for other purposes. Now, without further ado, the list with the best of all, get ready and prepare for it.

  1. PC Tattletale

The number one for excellence is PC Tattletale, the most versatile app and full of options from any point of view. With this work of art in the field of software; you can spy on any device easily without complications and all in a wink.

All you have to do is perform a small installation of the APK file (see spy phone app apk download article) either on the device to spy or on another remote (that will receive all the data). Then you can record all the activities, including calls, SMS and location. In addition, the user can verify all the data collected through a personal account in the cloud. That sounds great, right?

Spyware for Android phones -All you have to know


  1. Cell Tracker

Being able to remotely verify all the content of other users is excellent to control their activities. If you are a parent, who wants to keep monitoring the habits of your child’s “technological” life, this is the best alternative. With Cell Tracker, you have the power to maintain the location of anyone observed in real time and through any type of network.

Best of all, it is available for download for free, and does not merit any kind of payment. So if what you want is to have your eyes well placed on the movement of some, do not hesitate to install it on your Android.

  1. Mobile Hidden Camera

Ready, set action; thus begins the ability to record a movie of everything that is doing the user you want to spy.  All this is  thanks to Mobile Hidden Camera. The application allows this in a rather discreet way to not be discovered and includes a variety of options or parameters to choose from.

It is one of the best spyware for Android phones within the Market, and is not for less. If it were not enough, it also allows you to take pictures, what more can you ask for? It is almost perfect.

Now that you have observed all the best in the ambit of spyware, do not hesitate to download. Especially the best of all, the number one on the list is by far margin over the rest, and is compatible with a variety of devices. Do not wait any longer and start to really see what the other does on your own Android device.