standard Key-Logging Software for Non-Techies

key-logging softwareIf you have a reason to gather private information on your spouse due to their suspicious behaviors, you need a key-logging software.

Do you suspect that your kids are meeting up with strangers online and putting themselves at risk? You need a monitoring software to track their computer activity.

As an employer, you can track and monitor your employees to know those who are spending time online instead of getting some work done.

With a keylogging software, you can easily monitor every computer activity being carried out. The word ‘key-logging’ already sounds ‘techie’ enough to put off a non-techie like you but it is not that complex.

What a Key-logger software does

The key-logger software is a monitoring software used for tracking every activity on a computer without the user detecting. The software makes a record of keystrokes and captures screenshots of every activity such as websites visited, chat conversations, files downloaded and deleted. You can view the logs collected via web server remotely and real-time.

PC Tattletale: Best Key-logging Software

There are many key-loggers out there, but most of them do not have the advanced features PC Tattletale has. They have poor functionalities and are not user-friendly. They have complicated features that make it more difficult for users.

PC Tattletale has a user-friendly interface, and simple yet sophisticated functionalities that make it easy to use. Therefore, a non-techie person like you getting the PC Tattletale software will be a great choice for your needs. The software has amazing features that make it very easy to use.

With PC Tattletale, you can capture and record every computer or phone activity via remote tracking. You can playback the captured screenshots in an event video created, just like you are watching a YouTube video.

If you are not a technical person, you need not worry, PC Tattletale is easy to install and use. You can try PC Tattletale free.