standard Spy Apps for Android Without Rooting

Are you looking for spy apps for android? If so you probably already know almost all of them require rooting. What the heck is rooting anyways? Well rooting basically means lowering Android’s built in security. It gives apps (like spy apps) more ability to do things like read data out of other apps and access parts of the Android phone they should not have access to.

But what I suspect you really want are spy apps for android without rooting. These are much harder to find. Here at pcTattletale we were able to pull it off. All with a little luck and a LOT of hard work.

Watch the video above to learn about spy apps for android without rooting and how pcTattletale makes it happen.

Do spy apps work?

We get this question a lot. It has to do with people being concerned that the spy app for android either do not work all together or they will get caught using it (learn more by reading hidden spy apps for android). We can’t speak for other android spy apps or keyloggers like SpyBubble but pcTattletale for Android (our spy app for android) works beautifully. It is simple too.


pcTattletale makes movies of them using their phone. That way you can see EVERYTHING they do. You will see every text message, every snapchat post (even if they get deleted), Facebook, and more. You can even see them try to use incognito browsing mode to hide their activities. pcTattletale still captures it. All without ever needing to root your android device.

Best Android spy app without rooting

The best android spy app without rooting should be hard to find. Nobody wants to put a spy app for android on a phone only to have the person find it. Talk about embarrassing. How do you even recover from something like that? It should also let you see everything from a remote location. It should give you enough information to find out if that person is being honest with you or if they are lying to you.

pcTattletale is hidden on Android devices.

pcTattletale does all this and more. You install it just like any other app. You do not need to root your android device. Once you put it on their phone you watch YouTube like movies of everything they do. It is simple, elegant, and just works. If you have ever put any app on an android phone or tablet before then you can definitely install the pcTattletale spy app for android.

A Secret Keylogger for Android with Rooting

spy apps for androidTo make a true keylogger for Android you WILL need to root their device. There is just no getting around it. Android has had that locked down for years. Google thought A LOT about apps snagging passwords from other apps and reading the keyboard.. so they just don’t let apps do it.

pcTattletale solves this problem through the nature of how it works. Even though we can’t get you the direct keystrokes (like we can in pcTattletale for Windows) we can still show them to you.

Yes… with pcTattletale you can watch the type things out on their keyboard. You can watch them enter their facebook password for example. You can see them type out text messages and chats. That’s really what you want they keystrokes for anyways right?

If you have been looking for a keylogger for android without rooting this is why. It just can’t be done or we would do it with pcTattletale.

Parental spy apps for Android

Parents contact us all the time asking about spy apps for Android with pcTattletale. It works great because most parents buy their kids low cost android devices. What most parents do not know is that pcTattletale also works on the kindle fire which is very low cost a surprisingly good android tablet.

You can put pcTattletale on your child’s tablet or phone. You will see the YouTube videos they watch. The video games they play (and for how long). You will be able to see who they are texting (even through the free texting apps they use). You will see any pictures they take. You will see everyone they talk with on Facebook, twitter, and more.

The most important thing parents need to know about spy apps for Android is that they ARE technical enough to put it on their child’s device. We provide very simple instructions for putting pcTattletale on a tablet or phone. With a spy app for android like pcTattletale you will know what you child is up to at any moment. You can view all their activity from our website.

The picture above shows you how the video will look of your child using their android device.  Just watch it like any YouTube video.  You can see everything they do!

Spy Apps for Android How to Get Started

The video above shows you exactly how to put pcTattletale spy app for android on your device.

Getting started with pcTattletale is easy. Just head on over the pcTattletale free download page. And create a free account:

pcTattletale Free Download

After that just pick Android from the main menu

Then you can just follow the Android spy app install instructions. As you will see it is pretty easy. You can finally put your mind at ease. Learn the truth of what is really going on with pcTattletale spy app for Android.