standard Android Monitoring Software without Rooting

android monitoring softwareAre you interested in android monitoring software?  This article will explain everything you need to know.  With many people being inseparable from their devices, it is easy to find crucial information about them on their android phones. Ignorance is never bliss as what you don’t know may come back to haunt or harm you.
So, if you will like to know what your underage kids are doing on social media through their mobile devices; you need a monitoring software. This will help you know whether they are engaging in any behaviors that can put them at risk.
If you suspect your spouse/partner is cheating on you but you don’t have any proof to confront them with, you can track their phone activity with a monitoring software.

To Root or Not to Root

For android devices, a monitoring software should be able to carry out more advanced options without rooting. Rooting your android device removes the restrictions from the manufacturer.
This enables more third-party applications to be able to work seamlessly on your device. Thus, most Android monitoring software requires you to root your mobile device before they can work effectively.

PC Tattletale: Best Android Monitoring Software Without Rooting

Many people choose not to root their devices due to some security reasons. Sometimes, rooting can make your device susceptible to harmful software applications. But, a good Android monitoring software doesn’t require rooting.
PC Tattletale is one of the best invisible android monitoring software for you to use. With PC Tattletale, your android device does not need rooting before it can be operational.
When used without rooting on an Android device, PC Tattletale will give you access to passwords, SMS, Call history, GPS tracking, Chats and website history. You can watch every activity like a YouTube Video.
PC Tattletale is easy to download and install like every other Android application. Looking for an Android monitoring software that does not require rooting? You should try PC Tattletale free today.