standard Spy Software for Android – What Really Matters?

spy software for androidWhat does a great spy software for Android do? In this article, we will look at some of the top features of a Android spy app. We will also learn why PC Tattletale is one of the best and reliable Android spying apps.

Before that, we can look at some of the scenarios where you may need a spy software for Android on your device.

Who Needs Android Spy Apps?

The most common demand comes from people that suspect a cheating spouse. It is now well known that a mobile device is one of the biggest help to a unfaithful boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Smartphones provide secrecy, privacy, and opportunity to a cheating partner.

It is obviously a sensitive situation, with high stakes. If the suspicion is right, the victim will need to collect evidence of infidelity, while staying undetectable.

The second set of users are concerned parents. Kids, especially teenagers, are one of the most avid users of smartphones. But they are also the most unaware of the dangers lurking in the virtual world – the bullies, the exploiters, the predators. Besides, the natural curiosity of youth may push them into risky acts like sharing inappropriate images with friends.

A trustworthy spy software for Android smartphones may help you in both of the above situations.

Why Android only? Because it is the largest, most popular mobile operating system, with close to 90% market share.

Spy Software for Android: Desired Features

Let us look at some of the most important, must have features that a reliable Android spy app should have:

1) Easy to download and install.

2) Work on a wide range of Android devices – different OS versions, as well as different devices, smartphones and tablets.

3) Should be invisible and undetectable, especially to the subject of observation.

4) Record ALL activity on mobile screens.

5) Reports easy to access and understand.

We are happy to say that our latest product – PC Tattletale Android spy application – fulfills all the above criteria. We have learnt a lot from our successful PC spy software, and used all our experience in creating this Android mobile spy app.

Why not test our claims? We even offer a 7-day free trial – just download PC Tattletale today and check it out.