standard New Android Spy App for WhatsApp

spy app whatsappA spy app WhatsApp is a good idea – especially if you are looking for ways to check out what you kids are doing on their smartphones.

Most of the modern kids now have access to smartphones. Teenagers are especially avid users of smartphones – they spend a lot of time chatting and keeping in touch with their friends. For this, their favorite apps are WhatsApp, Snap Chat, Instagram etc. And of course, everyone is on Facebook too.

Kids are big at sharing stuff on their smartphones – be it pictures, messages, or simply chatting away. The natural curiosity of kids – especially teenagers – exposes them to a variety of dangers. In this scenario, an spy app for WhatsApp and other chat tools may be useful for parents.

For example, when kids are online on Facebook, they may gets exposed to strangers. There are plenty of cases where kids were bullied online on social media, leading to tragic results. Better safe than sorry should be the mantra as a concerned parent.

Free use of chatting apps also encourages kids to share things that may be inappropriate. This includes sensitive images, or other private information like parents’ credit card info or bank details. Even otherwise, kids are especially prone to sharing information that they should not. In such cases, spy app WhatsApp may be a goof friend for parents.

PC Tattletale: New Android Spy App WhatsApp

We already have a very successful product – a PC spy software. We have used our experience with this software to create a new Android spy app WhatsApp and other activities on smartphones as well. There are several reasons you may want to use it:

First of all, it is very easy to install, and you don’t need to have technical expertise for that. Really, it is just like any other Android app – just download and install it, and you are good to go.

Secondly, it is almost impossible to detect, and works quietly in the background to take screenshots of all activity on mobile screens. It records the WhatsApp chats, video calls, the Facebook activity – everything.

Thirdly, it combines all the screenshots to create videos. You can access these videos anytime in a centralized dashboard.

Fourth, it is free to try. Go ahead, download PC Tattletale and see for yourself.