standard Undetectable Spy App for Android

Are you looking for an undetectable spy app for Android? If so I will tell you everything you need to know about it in this short article. You will finally know how an android app can be used for spying and still be undetectable.


Android Spyware Apps What To Know

There are many good reasons you might need to spy on someone. Some of the most common ones are you think your spouse is being unfaithful or you think your kids are up to something.  You want to find out what it is. There are other cases where people want to see what their employees are doing but I am going to assume you want it to watch your spouse or kids.

Most Android spyware apps need you to root your device. This means changing how Android works and lowering its built in security so the spyware app can do its spying. The only problem with these kinds of apps is that rooting their android phone won’t be easy. You will need to have it for an hour or more. Plus it will break their phone’s warranty. Not good.

TIP: We recommend avoiding any Android spyware app that needs you to root the device.

What Android Spy Apps Can Do

Let’s assume that rooting their Android phone is out of the question for the reasons above. Now your spyware app has to abide by Android’s built in security. Maybe you want an Android Keylogger or want the Android Spyware app to be completely undetectable. Both of these are just not possible with a non rooted android device. But fortunately for us Android has left some doors open to make a very good Android spyware app that is pretty much undetectable without needing to root their phone.

Undetectable spy app for Android can it be done?

The short answer is NO. Not unless the device is rooted. Android will always show every app in the system apps list no matter what.  It is why making an undetectable spy app for android is so hard. But Android spyware apps can do some things to hide themselves and make them extremely difficult to find. Let’s look at some things that CAN be done.

  1. No icon on home screen. Certainly it would be dead giveaway to grab your spouse’s phone and put some android spyware app on it only to have them see a new strange icon on their home screen. Android will let the spy app hide it’s icon even if the phone is not rooted. So it is completely possible to hide it on the home screen.
  2. Runs invisibly. Android will let the spy apps run invisibly. Your spouse or kids will have no idea it is running. There is nothing obvious for them to see that the app is recording everything they do.
  3. Record what they are doing. Android will let apps get quite a bit of details on what they doing on the phone without needing rooting.  But many things like reading their Facebook messages are still blocked (well sort of…).

So knowing that we can’t root their phone we just to know that the only way they could detect the app is by looking through their app list.  But the good news is most phones have dozens and dozens of apps installed on them making it hard to find the spy app.

pcTattletale an Undetectable Spy app for Android

pcTattletale for Android does not need you to root their phone.  In fact it is the only undetectable spy app for android that works this way. It installs just like any other app you would get off the app store. It is not completely undetectable for the reasons we listed above. But you can very sure they will not find it in the apps list. Why? Because we don’t call it pcTattletale!  We changed the name to make it harder to find.  It looks like an android system app you wouldn’t want to touch.

pcTattletale Android spy app

  1. No icon on home screen
  2. No rooting required
  3. Runs invisibly – They won’t know its recording them
  4. Full remote viewing from remote location


Let’s take a quick look at what pcTattletale can do for you.

After you put it on their phone (See this article how to put pcTattletale on an Android device to learn more) it will start recording everything they do. But what does it record exactly?

pcTattletale makes movies of them using their phone.  This way you can see things like Facebook messages even if Android has blocked the app.

You go to the pcTattletale website and sign into your secure pcTattletale account to see what they did. You can watch them from your computer at work or from your own phone (or tablet). Here is what one of the movies looks like:

undetectable spy app for android

Notice you have all the common video controls you would expect to see. You can advance into the video, play it, pause it, or step through frame by frame. See something you want to keep? No problem. Just save the screen shot for evidence.

We also show you a chart of their activity. It is a count of all their screen touches. Would you be surprised to see your daughter on her phone at 2:00 am during a school night? The click chart is perfect for this sort of thing.

Here is a diagram of all the pcTattletale Video controls and how they work:

As you can see pcTattletale for Android is very straightforward. You won’t need to root their device.  It gives you as much protection against being found out as much as possible. If you need to see what your spouse or kids are doing pcTattletale is perfect for you.

Try pcTattletale Free

With pcTattletale you can try it out free. We recommend putting it on your own android first (if you have one) that way you can see exactly how it works. Plus you get a little experience at putting on their phone. When you finally get their phone you can put it on there really quickly. You can get started by making a free account on the pcTattletale free download page.

pcTattletlae also works on Windows PCs and iPhone. So if they are multi-device (like most of us) you can spy on them no matter what they use.

If you are looking for a good quality android spy app that does not need rooting and you won’t get caught try pcTattetale today.