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Are you looking to spy on cheating spouse? If so you came to the right spot. In this article I will share with you everything you need to know about how to spy on cheating spouse. It happens more often than you think. Something suddenly does not seem right in your marriage. Your spouse is guarding their phone and text messages. You know they are definitely talking to someone. You just need proof.


Cheating Spouses –The Stats

  • 17% cheat with a sister-in-law or brother-in-law
  • 35% Cheat on Business Trip
  • 36% of men cheat with a coworker.
  • 40% of online cheating turn into real life cheating.
  • 33% of marriages have one or both partners cheating.
  • People who have cheated before are 3 times more likely to cheat again.
  • Cheating usually happens 2 years into a marriage.

Did not know about cheating

70% women
54% men

Admit to Cheating

22% men
14% women

Think sending a flirty text is cheating

76% women
59% men

Are right about knowing their partner is cheating

85% women
50% men

Cheat To Get Back Spouse

9% men
14% women


Cheating by Country:

10. Finland 36%
9. United Kingdom 36%
8. Spain 39%
7. Belgium 40%
6. Norway 41%
5. France 43%
4. Germany 45%
3. Italy 45%
2. Denmark 46%
1. Thailand 56%

Most Likely to Cheat:

  • Heavy social media users.
  • Men whose age ends in 9
  • Someone who has already cheated. (3 x more likely)
  • Friskier mates.
  • Wealthier men and poorer women.



Because of social media sites like Facebook it is easier than ever to get in touch with people (even old boy friends and girlfriends). It has definitely caused a rise in cheating. You can see by the stats above just how common cheating has become.

Spy on cheating spouse using their phone

spy on cheating spouse
If you have thought about spying on your cheating spouse there are many ways you do it. But by far the easiest it to use their cell phone. Why? Because that is the very device they are using to do their cheating with. It is the device they are using to set up their cheating plans… and as you will soon see it is also the device they will have with them when they see this person in real life.

Your spouse likely has an Android or iPhone. I will show you how to spy on each of them using our new pcTattletale spy software. pcTattletale is a spy app that you can use on their Android or iPhone. It will show you who they are talking to. It will also show you their exact GPS location so you can see where they are at.

Spy on Cheating spouse with iPhone

One of your biggest concerns is do you need access to their phone? With pcTattetale for iPhone the good news is you do not! Even if you spouse is on a business trip you can access their phone remotely without ever putting any software on it. Your spouse will have no idea you just tapped their iPhone. You will see their exact GPS location and when they were there. You will also see every text messsage they sent (even the ones from years ago), the websites they went to, and any phone calls they ever made.

To hook pcTattletale into their iPhone you just need to go set up a free pctattletale account on the pctattletale free download page. Just create a free account.

pcTattletale Free Download

Next pick iPhone from the dashboard screen:


After that just sign into their iCloud account:

Tip: You will need their iCloud username and password. Most married couple share an itunes account so this should not be a big deal. If it is just suggest to your spouse that you get one common iTunes account and use iCloud to backup your phone. You can tell them it is a way to keep their data safe and save some money too by using one account. Then you will get their password.

After you put in the iCloud username and password you will see a list of the devices connected to it. Just pick your spouse’s iPhone:

That’s all there is to it. No software to install. You never need to touch their device.

Here is what happens next.

First pcTattletale will rip apart their iCloud backup. We will get every text message they ever sent and show it to you.

iPhone Text messages spying

We also show you every website they went to and everyone they ever called on their iPhone:

iphone call spy

pcTattletale gets to work and starts logging their exact GPS location. Sure you can do this from the iCloud site directly with “find my iPhone” but it does not log the history for you. With pcTattletale you can keep up to an entire year of everywhere they went.   You may need this for court records if you get divorced and need custody of your children.  You have proof of the cheating! You can easily contact a divorce lawyer to give you the best legal advice throughout this difficult process. For additional divorce information and guidance visit

Let’s say your spouse says they are at work on Friday. But you check pctattletale from your own iPhone and find out they were not at work at all:

You see they really went to a hotel at the other end of town.

Why were they at a hotel when they said they were at work?

Having their exact GPS location is critical when you don’t know there your spouse is at.

As you can see you do not need to jailbreak their iPhone. You do not even need to touch it. pcTattletale does all the work for you.

Spy on Cheating spouse with Android

Unlike iPhone you need to put software on an Android phone to catch a cheating spouse. There just is not an easy way to get all that backed up data from Google like you can with iPhone. So to catch a cheating spouse using an android phone you will need to know their pass-code and have access to the phone for about 5 minutes.  The best time to do this is when they are sleeping.

TIP:  To see more info about Android spy apps for how to spy on cheating spouse read this article: Android spy apps for cheating spouse

With pcTattletale for Android you just download and install a small app.

First go to the pcTattletale free download page and make a free account:

pcTattletale Free Download

Next open up their phone’s google chrome browser and type in the download link:

That will start downloading the pcTattletale spy app (called “SecurityServices”). Now this app did not come from the Google play store so Android will complain about that. Just check the box to allow apps from unknown sources:

When you install the android spy app you will find it is actually very easy. We walk you through all the buttons to press. You can put it on their phone even if you are not very technical. PCTattletale does not require you to root the device either. It works on all versions of Android.

Once you have gone through the setup screens and clicked some buttons you will sign into your pcTattletale account:

spy android phone sign in

After you sign in you will see the app disappears after a few minutes. You will not be able to find it. Neither will your cheating spouse.

So what happens next?

PCTattletale records the screen of everything they do. You can watch them type out text messages and do their cheating on Facebook. Even if they are sneaky and use apps like snapchat you will still see the deleted messages. Just sign into the pcTattletale website from a computer or your phone and you can see everything they did.


The picture above shows how you can see their Android phone from your own iPhone.  But you can view it from a computer too.  You will see the video has all the typical controls to move forward, backwards, play, and pause. See something you want to save as proof? Just right click the picture and save it.

Confronting your Cheating Spouse

Most of the time you will catch them right away with pcTattletale. Typically within a day or two. You will want to confront your spouse. Just know when you do that they will get very defensive and mad at you for spying on them. It is just human nature to not take responsibility for being wrong. You can hire a cheap westchester county divorce lawyer and save some screen shots to show them to your spouse as evidence when they deny any cheating claims (they always do).

The best course of action is to seek marriage counseling. Find out what caused the cheating to happen in the first place. There was likely something wrong with the marriage. How you confront your spouse is up to you. Just know they will likely get angry and accuse you of spying on their privacy. Check out this official statement by a divorce attorney.

How to Spy on Cheating spouse in conclusion

As you can see using their smart phone is an easy way to catch a cheating spouse. You do not need to be very technical either by using software like pcTattletale. So why not give it a try and visit the pcTattletale free download page to get started.