standard Keystroke Software for Windows That Gets Passwords

keystroke softwareHave you ever wondered if there was a way to get the password to your spouse or children’s social media account? If you can get the password, you could get an idea of what they are doing. You can use a keystroke software to get the passwords. How?  The software programs are used for tracking and recording every computer activity including every keystroke typed on the keyboard. This means it is easy to capture messages, chat conversations and passwords typed on the keyboard.

As parents, if you want to know what your kids are doing on some websites including social media sites, you can easily install keystroke software on their computer. The spy software will track and record their online activities including the passwords. This will allow you to access their profile and see if they are not being cyber-bullied or involved in any illegal activities.

If you discover that your spouse is cyber-cheating on you, you can install a keystroke software (like spector pro) on their computer to get their passwords This will allow you to confirm if they are actually cheating on you or you are just being paranoid. Similarly, employers can use the software to track the computer activity of their employees and to investigate any employee they are suspicious about.

Best Keystroke Software

There are several keystroke software programs for Windows operating system out there. However, most of them are not compatible with most recent versions of Windows. However, PC Tattletale is the best keystroke recording software for windows.

The software operates in an invisible and stable mode, recording every stroke made on the keyboard. It is capable of scanning through files with individual files and show the sequence of numbers used.  It also indicates clearly, all the passwords of email, YouTube, Facebook and any other online account. Additionally, PC Tattletale gives real-time recording of all passwords entered on the keyboard.

PC Tattletale is the best choice for you. If interested, you can download and try PC Tattletale for free.