standard Spy Programs for Computers

With the availability of spy programs in the market, it is much easier to track every computer activity from anywhere without the person knowing. However, your spy software should be having essentials features for easy tracking.  Are you using Windows 10?  If so make sure to read our article: best keylogger for Windows 10.  That way you will be better educated on what to look for in a keylogger that works good for that operating system.


Features of Spy Programs

spy programs

1. Work with all versions of windows

Any decent spy program for computers should be compatible with all versions of windows.  Following the changes in technology features in the various windows releases have continued to be enhanced.  As a result, many spy programs available in the market have failed to work correctly with computers.

2. Run invisible 

Good spy software and keylogger software for computers should run in a completely invisible and stable mode, and should not be easy to detect.  As a matter of fact, efficient spy programs for windows should be able to disable conventional spyware detectors.

3. Spy on the computers remotely

Spy programs for computers should have the ability to trace and record real-time user activities and enable you to record the activities wherever you are and at any time.  Remote spy software allows you either view events online or save the offline activities for a look when you have time.   Besides, remote monitoring can be done at your comfort.

4. Block and control feature

The spy program for computers should have the block and oversight feature.  The function is suitable for parents and employers, as they can prevent kids and employees from accessing websites that either pornographic, with questionable content and those that are time wasters.

5. An organized interface

The best spy programs for computers should have a well-organized interface. It should be easy to navigate and customize.

The best spy software for computers is PC Tattletale because the software works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, which most spy programs are not compatible with.  In addition, PC Tattletale is easy to install, it has an easy to use interface and can be controlled remotely.  The software runs hidden in the background, since it blocks current detectors. Try PC Tattletale free