standard Spy-Software For PC Monitoring

spy-software-for-pc-monitoringSpy-software has very practical use if you are a parent, have a cheating spouse, or own/manage a business. Considering how people use their PCs and the internet to conduct their affairs – both personal and business – it makes sense to keep a tab on it.

Modern parenting is very challenging. With the spread of online bullying and open access to dark corners of the internet parent need to be concerned. But, you also need to allow your kids to use the PC to complete their home work and other assignments. In such cases you can use spy-software to monitor what your kids are doing when they have access to the family PC and internet.

Having a cheating spouse or partner is most unfortunate.  But you have also got to protect your interests.  do it by gathering evidence of their unfaithfulness (check out my spyzie review for more information about these kinds of apps). Again, using spy-software can help do this task easily – by capturing all the guilty chats, emails and video chats.

The most practical use of spy-software is perhaps in case of businesses. As a business owner or manager, you can easily track employee productivity. You can also guard against company and trade secrets being leaked to outsiders.


Desired Features of a Good Spy-Software

What does a good, credible computer spy-software look like? In brief, it should have the following features:

  • It should not be easy to detect – otherwise the subject can simply change their behavior to escape your observation.
  • It should be able to detect all activity. Most spy-software are keystroke based, they detect only keyboard led activity. But modern internet and PC use has many elements that do not use the keyboard, for example, video chats.
  • It should enable remote access, so that you can monitor computer activity and access reports from anywhere, even when you are physically distant from the subject PC.

PC Tattletale: An Ideal PC Spy-Software

May we recommend PC Tattletale, which has all the above features? You can easily install PC Tattletale on the PC that you need to observe – it takes just a few minutes and if you need a few monitors in your computer, you can go to bestbezellessmonitor online to find the best options for this purpose. Most important, you don’t need any special IT skills to install and use the software. If you can download and install a mobile app, you can use PC Tattletale too. It’s that simple!

To make it easier for you to test and experience, we offer a free 7 day trial of PC Tattletale. Just download it, and get going.