standard Key Logger Software Free Download

key loggerA key logger is spy software that can track every computer activity and record them in real time. You can install the software on a computer without the user detecting it. Most employers install the software on their employee’s PC to track their daily activity and to detect if they do their personal work.

Employers use the software to know the productive employees. If an employee is performing any illegal activity, you can easily detect and catch them. The software runs hidden in the background and the user will not even know.

Parents can also use the software to track their children’s activities on the internet. This will help them track if their children are involved in any cyber-bulling or if they are chatting with an online impostor. Keyloggers are beneficial software used in protecting people online, and helps employers to achieve their goals.

If you are a regular spy software user, you will understand that it is hard to find a sophisticated keylogger that you can download free. If you are a newbie, you may be wondering if it is possible to download the software free. Well, PC Tattletale has every user in mind and that is why you can easily download and install it for free.

Moreover, PC Tattletale has always been a unique spy software with advanced features that cannot be found on other keyloggers. It doesn’t record only keystrokes like some others. You can use the software to record all activity from web history to keystrokes. It also captures every activity in screenshots and compiles them in a video. You can play back the videos from anywhere. See here: How to install a key logger software.

How to Download PC Tattletale – The Best Key logger

  1. Visit PC Tattletale website to download the software
  2. After downloading it, install it on your windows PC
  3. Then, sign into PC Tattletale member page
  4. View all the computer activity, including keystrokes and video playbacks.

If you are looking for a key logger software free download? PC Tattletale is the best choice for you. You can Download PC Tattletale and try it free, it is easy to download and install.