standard Key Logging for Non Techies: PC Monitoring Sofware

key loggingKey logging is one of the most popular, easiest and affordable methods of monitoring PC activity. If you have a kid at home, or you have employees that you want to monitor, using a keylogger software may be a good idea.

Key Logging: How Does it Work?

The principle behind key logging programs is simple. A keyboard is a primary input device, which means that you use it to enter information and commands in the computer. Therefore, if you can capture the keystrokes, it would be possible to create a picture of PC usage.

But more sophisticated key logging software, like PC Tattletale, have additional features that make it more useful and powerful than plain keylogger programs.  Here is how easy it can be to install a keylogger. For example, PC Tattletale can capture hidden information, like usernames and passwords remembered by the browser.

PC Tattletale can also capture screenshots at rapid intervals, and later, combines them to create a video. This helps to capture a more complete, accurate picture of PC usage. It can even capture activity that does not use keyboard – like video chatting, and file sharing.

No Technical Expertise Needed

Looking at the advanced features that PC Tattletale offers, it is easy to imagine that it will need a lot of technical expertise to use it. But fortunately, that is not the case. In fact, the key logging software is specially designed for non-techies, so that anyone can use it with zero technical help.

If you have ever downloaded and installed an app on your smartphone, you can download and install PC Tattletale on a computer. Yes, it’s that easy. 5 minutes in front of your screen, and you are done!

Monitoring usage and reports is made super easy too. You get a centralized dashboard with a username and password. You can access it on any device – a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. In addition, you can access the dashboard from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

Check it Out for Yourself

Are you looking for an easy and convenient key logging software? Then you should definitely download PC Tattletale, and check it out for yourself. Moreover, it is free to download and try it out before you buy.