standard Keystroke Loggers for Windows Pcs and Laptops

keystroke-loggersKeystroke loggers are computer monitoring software that log every key stroke on a computer.  They track every activity. If you think your spouse is cyber-cheating or your children are chatting with strangers, you need a keystroke logger! You have every right to track the activity of your spouse, children or an employee.

It is every parent’s responsibility to make sure that their children are safe. The security of your children and home is important. Children can share information online through online chat or social media websites without you knowing. Such information may be harmful to the safety of their family. It is important for parents to provide some security measures. Using a keystroke logger can help any parent track every activity that takes place on your children’s computer. This makes it ideal for monitoring other significant scenarios and their safety online.

Similarly, employers can track their employees’ computer with a keystroke logger.  They can know if their employees are doing their personal stuff or  are they actually working? The software is excellent for business use by keeping work performance and productivity high. A spouse can also install a keystroke logger software on their spouse’s computer to track their internet activity.  They can know if they are cheating on them.

Best Keystroke Loggers

There are two different types of keystrokes loggers – hardware and software. A hardware keylogger is a device that can be plugged into your computer.  It logs every keystroke into its internal memory.

On the other hand, a software keystroke logger logs every computer activity including screen shots.  These screenshot can be used as video playbacks.  They are stored on a remote web server or sent via email. There are several keystroke loggers out on the market including PC Tattletale, Web Watcher and Logixoft.

The software can help you keep track of all computer use.  Even when you are far away. It is important to know the best software that will help you achieve your goals. PC Tattletale is the best choice.  It is a sophisticated keystroke logger with comprehensive features that can help you track with stealth and in an absolute covert way.

Are you looking for a keystroke logger? PC Tattletale is the best choice for you. You can Download PC Tattletale and try it free, it is easy to download and install.