standard Keylogging Software That Really Works Even for Non-Techies

keylogging-softwareKeylogging software has proven to be useful in several ways including tracking computer activity. You can use the software to track your children or employee’s computer activity.  Keylogger software can uncover uncover any sign of infidelity from a spouse. No wonder the use of computer monitoring software is fast growing.  It is a must-have for every computer owner.

If your spouse is always on the computer late at night, you might suspect they are doing something inappropriate. Meanwhile, they may tell you that they were just surfing the web. You may not know the truth until you download and install a keylogging software. Keylogging software is a simple tool to install, manage and use. You will be able to see their chat conversations and their web history – websites they visited.

For most websites they visit, it may be hard to get their login details after they have logged.  Why? Because some browsers auto-fill in the details. However with keylogger software you can get the passwords as they are typing them. The software screen shots the activity too.  You can playback the video from anywhere.

Similarly, children surf the web, do their homework on the computer, and socialize on social media websites. Parents may not know what their children are doing online because they may leave little or no record of their activity. But, it is the parent’s responsibility to know what their children are doing online to avoid any trouble. With a keylogger software, parents can  monitor their children’s activities on the computer.  See how easy it can be to learn how to install a keylogger here Employers can also track their employee’s computer usage and activity by installing keylogger software on their PC.

PC Tattletale: Keylogging Software that works for everyone

There are several keylogging software solutions like the refog keylogger out there to monitor computer usage and activity.  But the most sophisticated one is PC Tattletale. The keylogger has more and advanced features to cater for all users when compared to others. It has comprehensive monitoring capabilities including remote tracking. This means that you can monitor your children, employees or spouse’s activity from anywhere.

The best part of it? None of these people would even know that the software has been installed on their computer. It runs hidden in the background, so no one would suspect it is there.

PC Tattletale is easy to download and install, even if you are a non-techie, you don’t have to worry, the installation process is straightforward. Download PC Tattletale today and try it free.