standard Internet-Monitor for Windows PCs and Laptops

internet-monitorA good quality, credible internet-monitor program is a must-have software for Windows PC and Laptops. With use of the internet in the office, there comes an increased chance of misuse of technology.

Protect Your Kids

Kids are the most vulnerable users of the internet. One option to protect them would be to keep you kids away from internet. But really, that is not possible anymore, is it? Kids need to access computers and internet for learning and school work too.

Kids are exposed to bullying and inappropriate websites online. Perhaps they are playing videos games when you think they are doing schoolwork or sleeping.

Teenagers are vulnerable to bad influences – especially on social networking websites. Are your kids leading secret internet lives without you knowing? Using an internet-monitoring tool can help you learn what your kids are doing online.

Monitor Your Employees

If you are a business owner or a manager, ensuring a productive workforce of big concern. For a modern business, internet connectivity is critical. But this also exposes the business to misuse of those facilities.

Are some of your employees spending too much time on the internet? Surfing Facebook when they should really be working? This means lost productivity and a waste of internet bandwidth.

Do you know that most of the job searches are done from the workplace itself? Are your employees looking at job portals, searching for new positions from their workstations?

The worst situation for a business may be when an employee uses a company computer to pass trade secrets to the competition.  pcTattletale and other apps like the Spyrix keylogger can track these kinds of activities. A professional-quality internet-monitor software that can address multiple users is a must-have.

PC Tattletale: An Internet-Monitor Software that Just Works

With its advanced features and capabilities, PC Tattletale is a very effective internet-monitor and keystroke logger. It is easy to download and install – if you can install an app on your smartphone, you can install PC Tattletale, it’s that simple.

It is invisible to the user being monitored – meaning that the user will never know their activity is being watched. So, they cannot modify their behavior to escape your notice.

The software captures keystrokes – even information that is not input by the keyboard. Usernames and passwords are remembered by the browser, and auto-entered.

Most importantly, PC Tattletale captures screenshots then creates videos. You have a quick and easy visual log of all activities on a workstation. You can watch the reports and videos remotely, anytime.

PC Tattletale internet-monitor software is free to download, and you can use it free for one week to learn how it can help you. Try it today.