standard How To Spy On Your Wife Without Getting Caught

how-to-spy-on-wifeDo you think it is time to start spying on your wife? Then “how to spy on wife” without getting caught would be your biggest concern.

The signs are all there. She has been acting funny for quite some time. She finds excuses to avoid going to social gatherings with you, or won’t go out for dinner. Before you realize, she avoids having any sort of quality time with you. You are wondering what brought about the change. Maybe it is time to learn about how to spy on wife.

You suspect there is something fishy going on behind your back. She stays out for work, goes out for ‘girls night’ on short notice.  Sometimes without informing you. She stays up late – chatting on her PC.  Then she tells you she was merely chatting with Facebook friends.

Or perhaps she has already told you she wants a divorce.  You want to learn the real reason behind her decision. Proving her infidelity can be a major way to protect your own interests in a messy situation.  It can even help in court!

How to Spy on Wife: Use Keylogger Software

The fact remains that when a spouse is cheating on you, technology is one of your best friends. They could  plan rendezvous and continue affairs by chatting on Facebook.  They can send emails or use another method to chat online.

The good thing is technology can also help YOU.  That is if you are interested in how to spy on wife.  Without getting getting caught.

PC Tattletale is a leading keystroke logging software that can help you. It is simple to install on your wife’s PC – a few clicks and it’s ready to do its job. Once installed it is completely invisible.  There are no visible signs that there is a program tracking activities on PC.

PC Tattletale: Invisible Computer Spying

But the capabilities of PC Tattletale go beyond that of a plain vanilla keylogger software. For example, most modern browsers remember a lot of information – username, password etc.  The user may not even need to type this. A normal keystroke capture software may become helpless here – but not PC Tattletale.

PC Tattletale also makes a video of their activities.  You have a proper record of all the activities on the PC, even those that do not use the keyboard.

You get access to a dashboard where you can login and get a feed of all her activities on her PC.  The software gives a complete picture of what your wife is doing online. Her online chats, Facebook activity, emails – everything is visible in full detail.

Interested? Then you might want to give PC Tattletale a try. Good news, it is free to try for a week! So try before you buy. Check it out at PC Tattletale download page.